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Data science and advanced analytics are exploding, it's time for your business to get in on the act.

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Business Services

Machine learning for Marketing

Machine learning can perform customer segmentation, customer churn and lifetime value modeling, and several other marketing tasks, to make the best informed predictions.

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Dashboards and Visualization

Insightful graphics that convey data trends and insights at a glance. They can be made real-time and interactive by including them in a web interface (dashboard).

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Sentiment and reputation analysis

With neural networks, we are able to rate the favorability of an online review or a tweet. We can then use this knowledge to estimate online brand reputation.

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Databases and cloud storage

Secure, lightening fast and scalable storage for you data on cloud platform. Billing is extremely flexible as you can pay only for the resources you use when you use them.

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Future forecasting and projections

Accurate forecasting, such as sales projections,estimated by cutting edge machine learning and/or time series methods. Predictive analytics have advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade.

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Data mining with AI

Many businesses have accumulated data that they haven't fully exploited. Data mining helps you unlock the value of your data and turn it into functional assets, even productize it.

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Open-source software development

Your custom data software, programmed in Python and Javascript, without expensive licensing or subscriptions.

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Data management consulting

Strategic consulting regarding your data needs at any stage: acquisition, wrangling, mining, processing, or modeling.

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