About Scinapse.AI

Scinapse.AI was founded by Nas Mouti, PhD with the mission of making cutting edge data science and AI technologies accessible to small and medium businesses. Scinapse.AI helps you achieve your business goals faster and more accurately while increasing your bottom line, thanks to the power of algorithms.

About Nas Mouti, PhD



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Math and science fascinated me ever since my tender childhood, so it was no surprise that I majored in math and physics, then went all the way to a Physics PhD. After graduating, I joined Oak Ridge National Lab as research scientist, and built a cathodoluminescence apparatus capable of collecting light at the atomic level.
In 2015, I took a break to pursue my other passion: food. So I built a packaged food business from the ground up and distributed to stores regionally.
Eventually, the itch for math caught up with me, so I took time to study the latest in statistics, machine learning, and computer science to become a data scientist.